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„Are you interested in undergoing the courses of this master? The topics of the courses are very interesting and of actuality, the courses take place in a dynamic and interractive manner and the information you get is practical. The professors are higly qualified and open towards the students. If you want to apply for this master I congratulate you and kindly recomment it!

Alexandra Dinica (lexxy_alexa@yahoo.com)
Roma Harm Reduction Scholarship Program


Roma Harm Reduction Scholarship Program


The scholarship program is organized by University of Bucharest, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (SAS) and it takes place in partnership with the affiliated organizations of The Romanian Network of Harm Reduction (RHRN), with technical and financial assistance from The Open Society Institute (OSI) - the Program for Rroma Health (RHP) and of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

The Special Scholarships Program's objective is increasing the capacity of the Rroma community to answer the need for HIV prevention within vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, though both services and advocacy activities.

The selected candidates will take part in internships with the organizations supplying social support activities for these risk groups (drug users and persons involved in commercial sex) from Bucharest area.

The Program aims to award 5 scholarships for BA students and/or MA students, in the amount of 300 USD each, for a period of 7 months, and to facilitate their active involvement in the harm reduction activities and advocacy activities undertook by the member and partner organizations in RHRN.

The participants in the program will have the opportunity to closely learn the specialized support services, syringes exchange and subtitutive treatment addressed to injectable drugs users, persons who practice commercial sex, HIV positive persons as well as to the people living in disadvantaged areas.

Who can apply?

The scholarship Program is open to Rroma BA and MA students from both state and private universities from Bucharest (accredited and authorized according to Law 288/2004), no matter the type of university program (budget or tax, day study of distance, law frequency etc.), specially encouraging students from sociology and social assistance fields.

Details for applications

Rroma BA and/or MA students interested in applying for a scholarship are kindly asked to send at e-mail office@rhrn.ro the following documents:

       - Application form (all fields filled in) (the form will be soon available for download)
       - Curriculum vitae in Europass/European format (CV form will be soon available for download)

For further details regarding the scholarship program and selection process, please contact: Ioana Tomuş, 0724 051 189, RHRN.

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